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Hunt For Harald's Gold:
A Scottish DNA Love Story.

   When the bullet found home the Nigerian boy, Daya-Goro, twisted once before going down. Billie saw it all before she killed the soldier that shot the boy, then she killed his two comrades. 
   The impact should have torn the boy’s arm off, but it didn’t. There wasn’t even blood. It was Doctor Billie Skye’s first encounter with bulletproof skin.
   Five years later a Hausa warrior is dispatched to Scotland to assassinate Billie. He’s under orders from Big Johnson Mambo-Sambo, Nigeria’s self-proclaimed President for life who has mistaken Billie for her twin brother Willie.
   Long thought dead, Willie has resurrected as Fiona, a fully transgendered woman and the spitting image of Billie. Only no one told Tucker Blue, Billie’s DNA-matched true love, and the man Fiona is using to test drive her new girlie parts during late night incursions into Blue’s room when Billie’s absent.
   Fiona’s day job, however, is to foil Billie’s assassination and rescue the 100 Nigerian schoolgirls that Big kidnapped and sent as involuntary organ donors to the C.O.T.S. Institute, a black market organ harvesting operation on the Isle of Skye.
   Meanwhile, Tucker and Billie, along with seven other DNA-matched-for-true-love couples, are touring Scotland, hunting for a legendary gold nugget that the Viking king, Harald Hardrada left after an unsuccessful invasion of England back in 1066. The nugget is said to be so immense that it took 16 men to carry it.
   Once found, the nugget will go to Oberon, king of the fairies, in exchange for the final wave of a Fairy Flag which legend says will invoke an army to rise up and win Scotland’s independence from the English usurpers.
   Hey, this is Scotland, a land of contradictions, where scientific inquiry birthed the telephone, logarithms and the Higgs-Bosen particle theory alongside Pictish stone circles, fairy pools and Kelpies. 
   It’s also the land of Billie Skye who has captured Tucker’s heart along with the man’s libido leaving him un-phased by all this Scottish legend nonsense.
   But things aren’t always as they appear and when Tucker learns that Billie has accepted the job as Director of Medical Services with the C.O.T.S. Institute, things get complicated. 
   And this is just the kickoff.
   Still to come is a 400-year old dead witch who provides the first clues for the treasure hunt; a mob-turned informant turned witness protection escapee and his pick-pocketing girlfriend; police officers hosting body parts, rogue FBI agents, and Mario, Luigi, Butt Monkey, Bowser, and Wiggler—a squad of anthropomorphic drones. And the list goes on, but not here. 

   Buy the book and laugh your donkey off reading Jack Dancer’s latest crazy-fun romantic thriller.

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